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Discussing The 2018 Academy Oscar Nominations

January 25th, 2018

The team discusses thier thoughts on the recently announced nominees for the 90th Academy Oscar Awards.

02min 22sec - Best Picture

06min 48sec - Best Director

08min 26sec - Best Actress

11min 09sec - Best Actor

14min 57sec - Best Supporting Actress

10min 00sec - Best Supporting Actor

21min 07sec - Best Original Screenplay    

25min 29sec - Best Animated Feature

28min 54sec - Best Cinematography     

33min 03sec - Best Editing

34min 21sec - Best Sound Mixing

35min 08sec - Best Sound Editing

35min 51sec - Best Visual Effects   

38min 56sec - Best Make-up and Hairstyling

39min 29sec - Best Costume Design

40min 53sec - Best Production Design

42min 06sec - Best Original Score

43min 25sec - Best Original Song

46min 23sec - Snubs


Bright - SPOILER Talk

January 2nd, 2018

English Dave and Travis get together and discuss thier thoughts on the Netflix Original Movie, Bright. Starring Will Smith, Joel Edgerton and Noomi Repace.

Full Spoilers as we discuss the film as well as the negative critic reaction


ENTLynx PreGame - Star Wars: The Last Jedi (What do we expect?)

December 15th, 2017

Join us for the first in a new series. Each episode we will discuss our thoughts and expectations before seeing an upcoming film. This week we talk Star Wars: The Last Jedi and speculate on what it has in store for us.

To join in the conversation and share your thoughts, email us EntertainLynx@gmail.com or find us on social media @EntertainLynx


Podcast 33 - Unconventional Relationships

December 4th, 2017

Join us this week as we discuss our first look at Robin, Netflix announces new seasons for its shows, Ninja Batman and Movies that feature relationships of the not so typical kind.

01min 22sec - Weekend Box Office
08min 18sec - Weekly News
28min 33sec - Latest Trailers
33min 34sec - Topic Of The Week - Unconventional Relationships


Avengers Infinity War - Trailer Talk

December 3rd, 2017

Join us as we good full nerd on the record breaking trailer for Marvel's Avengers Infinity War.

02 min 51 secs - Expectations
15 min 10 secs - Thanos
21 min 10 secs - Captain America / Steve Rogers
26 min 33 secs - Tony Stark / Iron-Man
30 min 37 secs - Spider-Man / Peter Parker and The Guardians
39 min 24 secs - Black Panther / The Team on Wakanda
46 min 29 secs - Thor and Loki
53 min 44 secs - Vision and Wanda
56 min 24 secs - Doctor Strange and Wong
57 min 17 secs - Cool moments and VFX
01 hr 03min 36 sec - Music / Score
01 hr 09 min 19 secs - Final Thoughts


Podcast 32 - Indie To Hollywood, Directors making the transition

November 8th, 2017

Join us as we talk the big Hollywood shake-up, Henry Cavill's thoughts on the DC movies, what Thanos might be up to and films that have helped directors transition from Indie to big time Hollywood.

02min 46sec - Weekend Box Office
11min 22swc - Weekly News
39min 31sec - Newest Trailers
50min 55sec - Topic of the week
01hr 06min 15sec - Recommendations


Thor Ragnarok SPOILER TALK

November 7th, 2017

Join us as we go in-depth on the latest Marvel Cinematic Universe film.

03min 09sec - Expectations
08min 02sec - Cate Blanchett - HELA
15min 51sec - Chris Hemsworth - THOR
23min 08sec - Tom Hiddleston - LOKI
27min 28sec - Mark Ruffalo - BRUCE / HULK
36min 20sec - Karl Urban - SKURGE
42min - 21sec - Jeff Goldblum - THE GRAND MASTER
45min 32sec - Tessa Thompson - VALKYRIE
50min 55sec - Idris Elba - HEIMDALL
51min 27sec - Taika Waititi - KORG
54min 40sec - Stan Lee Cameo
55min 30sec - Anthony Hopkins - ODIN
56min 29sec - Rachel House - TOPAZ
56min 44sec - THAT Cameo
57min 31sec - Directing
01hr 04min 54sec - Set and Costume Design
01hr 06min 23sec - Music and Sound Design
01hr 07min 49sec - Cinematography
01hr 09min 24sec - VFX
01hr 12min 01sec - Doctor Strange Cameo
01hr 12min 57sec - Favorite Moments
01hr 19min 35sec - Nitpicks
01hr 24min 38sec - Looking to the future
01hr 27min 29sec - Facts
01hr 30min 07sec - Final Thoughts


Podcast 31 - Mother Nature’s Wrath

October 24th, 2017

Join us this week as we talk Black Panther trailer, Han Solo movie gets a title and we talk about Movies that showcase natures wrath.

01min 27sec - Weekend Box Office - Oct 20th - 22nd
08min 30sec - Weekly News
22min 21sec - Newest Trailers
39min 49se - Topic Of The Week - Mother Nature’s Elements
53min 00sec - Recommendations


Podcast 30 - Jackie Chan Special

October 16th, 2017

Join us this week as we talk Bill and Ted 3's Title and the "Keanusance". Creed 2 and Gambit's new Directors, as well as weekend box office, latest trailers and all things Jackie Chan. 

01min 38sec - Weekend Box Office Oct 13 -15

09min 06sec - Weekly News

20min 59sec - Latest Trailers

35min 53sec -  42min 43sec -  Star Wars: The Last jedi talk (for those wanting to avoid everything)

44min 18sec - Topic Of The Week - Jackie Chan


Podcast 29 - Movies With American In The Title

October 2nd, 2017

00min 49sec - Weekend Box-Office Sept 29th - Oct 1st

05min 34sec - Weekly News

32min 11sec - Trailer Time

42min 19sec - Topic of The Week - American ?


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